TechSummit goes Meetup

In the words on Bob Dylan, “Times, they are a changing”. Originally started in Amsterdam in 2014 as a way of bringing together experts in the field of IT, TechSummit has rapidly grown into an international forum that brings together experts in the field of IT, who are deeply committed to fostering ongoing, open dialogue in the tech community.

One of the founding ideals of TechSummit is that when knowledge is shared it becomes a way of bringing people together. Our conferences in Amsterdam and Berlin in the past years were an amazing start, but now it’s time to keep growing. We have decided to change the TechSummit format so that we can both reach more people, and make the sessions even more focused.

For 2018, TechSummit is going to occur on a more regular basis replacing the 2 yearly conferences with meetups scheduled throughout the year around topics chosen by the community.

Our first meetups will occur in Amsterdam in the Spring – for more information, and to sign up, click here.